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We are very proud our gastronomic offer and we known for it. Therefore we improve it every day and we have been doing so for the last 40 years.

Our chefs are well-known for their traditional dalmatian food and also that they keep expanding famous gastronomic offer of Amigos restaurant. Years of experience tell us that, other than that, ingredients are very imoportant, so we always prepare fresh fish, meat and vegetables.

We round up gastronomic part of the story with professional staff, lovely atmosphere and beautifull surrounding where you can heal your body and soul.

You should definitely visit Amigos restaurant because of:

  • Great menu
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Great dalmatian vines and variety of other beverages
  • Possibility of arranging special menu on previus notice
  • Professional and capable staff that is always at your disposal
  • Interior and exterior where you can relax close to sea
  • Great value for money

Be our guest and experience our knowledge, service and quality!